Packers Prediction Results And Forecast: Weeks One Through Three And Eight Through Ten

October 28, 2022

Here’s a recap of how my three predictions for the first three Packers games turned out. Tune in for my future predictions every week.

Back in September, I made three Green Bay Packers predictions for the first three weeks of the season. Those games were a 23-7 loss to the Minnesota Vikings, a 27-10 win versus the Chicago Bears, and a 14-12 win in Tampa Bay against the Buccaneers. Today, I will be evaluating them as well as making predictions for weeks eight through ten. During those weeks, the Packers face the Buffalo Bills (5-1), Detroit Lions (1-5), and Dallas Cowboys (5-2).

My Three Packers Predictions:

Prediction one: Packers take over Bears for most wins in NFL history after a Week two victory.

This would mean Green Bay eeks out a road victory in Minnesota while securing another victory against Chicago. The Bears would also lose to the 49ers in Week one which seems very likely.

Prediction two: Packers struggle in Tampa Bay once again, and lose to the Buccaneers.

I am crossing my fingers this does not happen again, but I feel like it will. Every time Aaron Rodgers plays in Florida, he doesn’t have his best day. e.g., 38-3 loss to the Saints in Jacksonville last year, 38-10 loss in Tampa Bay in 2020. I’m predicting 230 yards, one touchdown, and one interception day for Rodgers while Brady gets picked off twice but throws three short touchdown passes and 400-plus yards.

Prediction three: Packers’ defense holds all three teams to less than 24 points.

Although I am projecting a loss in Tampa, I do think the Packers’ defense is way better than it was the last time they played the Buccaneers. I think Green Bay starts 2-1 and can hold Justin Jefferson and the Vikings’ offense, along with Mike Evans and the Buccaneers to less than 24 points. The Bears should be a bit easier although the team allowed 30 points last time they met Chicago.


Entering the season, the Bears held the record for most wins in NFL History by one game of all time. Behind them were the Packers and I predicted Green Bay would beat Minnesota and Chicago leaving the Packers alone with the most wins in NFL history. Unfortunately, the Packers lost 23-7 in Minnesota and the Bears upset the San Francisco 49ers and by Week three, both teams were 1-1. Now both are 3-4 and Green Bay has not broken the record just yet.

My wishes came true and the Packers took down Tampa Bay on the road. To date, this is their last win on the road and second to last on the young season soon losing three straight after a 27-24 overtime victory versus the New England Patriots. This prediction was false as Green Bay didn’t get blown out and the stats were way off as well.

Finally, I got one right. By one point, the Packers did not allow 24 or more points in their first three games. It wasn’t pretty but it happened. But since then, the Packers’ defense allowed 24, 27, 27, and 23 points. It’s not bad at all but when your offense can’t score more than 22, that’s an issue.


My Next Three Predictions:

Prediction One: Aaron Jones doesn’t get more than 15 carries a game.

One of the biggest issues is the Packers not running the ball. I don’t expect that to change. With passing 40+ times a game, I don’t know why we do it but someone is to blame. Jones should get 20 carries a game but that has yet to happen this season and it probably won’t soon.

Prediction Two: Packers upset Cowboys at home

Another year another Packers victory in Dallas? Well not exactly as this time it’s the Cowboys coming to Green Bay for the first time since 2016. That was also the last time the Packers lost to Dallas and I see that not happening this time. Sure the Cowboys’ defense is great, but Aaron Rodgers has a special feeling every time he faces America’s Team. The last result was a 24-14 win which Aaron Jones waved goodbye to the boys in blue. If the offense finally starts to move, we can see two elite offenses and two elite defenses face off at Lambeau Field.

Prediction Three: Aaron Rodgers throws four-plus touchdowns in a game.

Four touchdowns is something we see a lot of with Rodgers but not once this season. His game-high is two touchdowns and he has 11 on the season, tied for first in the NFC. It probably will be the Lions game if this happens but the next three weeks have the potential to be high-scoring games and anything can happen.

Do you agree or disagree with my predictions?

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