2022 Packers Schedule: Wins And Loses

June 10, 2022

After losing to the San Fransisco 49ers in the Divisional Round of the 2021 playoffs, the Green Bay Packers are still searching for answers. The Packers haven’t been to the Super Bowl since 2011 and lately, it seems like they just can’t get over the hump. For the last several seasons, the Packers failed to get passed the NFC Championship. With a young talented roster, can the Packers finally return to the Super Bowl? When breaking down the 2022 schedule, the Packers face the top two quarterbacks in the league. It is safe to say the Packers’ schedule is not the easiest.

2022 Packers Schedule: Key Games

When the Packers’ schedule came out in early May, the first thing I examined was which quarterbacks they have to face. Of course, Tom Brady would be on their schedule. The Packers’ week three game is a huge test for their young roster. The Packers will head to Tampa Bay to face off against the future Hall of Famer Tom Brady and the Bucs. Another key match-up to look at is the Packers’ week eight match-up against the Buffalo Bills. Josh Allen is one of the top quarterbacks in the league and the Packers’ young defense will be put to the test.

2022 Packers Schedule: Division Games

If the Packers want to return to the playoffs, the Packers must win all of their divisional games. With a tough road schedule, the Packers need to capitalize on their weak division. The Packers are still the most dominant team in their division by a lot. Even with their recent roster moves, there is no other team in their division that will slow down Aaron Rodgers. The Packers will make the playoffs strictly because of their weak division. The Packers can’t have any letdowns! They need to prove to the league that they still own the NFC North.

2022 Packers Schedule: Projections

It looks like the Packers are going to have to be road warriors this year. The Packers face their toughest opportunities on the road and if they want to return to the playoffs in 2022, they are going to have to win those tough matchups. Of course, the Packers have to head to London to face the New York Giants. The NFL took a home game away from the Packers by making them go across the Atlantic. Besides the Rams, Bucs, and Bills, the Packers should dominate their schedule. I can see the Cowboys and Titans being close games, but both of those games are home, so the Packers should have the advantage.

2022 Packers Schedule: Prediction

14 Wins & 3 Loses

WeeksHomeAwayWins / Loses
5PackersGiantsWin (Game is in London)
2022 Packers Schedule

If Aaron Rodgers plays like an MVP, I can’t see the Packers losing many games. It all depends on if the Packers can run the football and if that offensive line stays healthy. Their defense is solid all around and will keep them in games. The only question is can that wide receiver group hold up after losing Davante Adams to Vegas. When you have the most accurate quarterback in the league, it doesn’t matter who you put out there. Rodgers will get them the ball no matter what. Let’s go Pack, bring on the 2022 season!

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