Welcome to Cheesehead Checkdown!

January 6, 2022

Welcome to Cheesehead Checkdown, Border Fuel’s home for all things Packers football! Here you will find opinions, previews, profiles, and general coverage of the Green Bay Packers! My name is Evan Sandberg, and I am the managing editor for the Cheesehead Checkdown site!

The purpose of this post is to introduce you to the inspiration behind the name, and what we aspire to achieve with the site.

Inspiration of the Name

The name Cheesehead Checkdown came to fruition through a long process of brainstorming. The first half needs no explanation, as the foam tricorner is iconic and instantly recognizable. The second half, “Checkdown”, comes from Aaron Rodger’s iconic “Discount Double Check”, and his ability to get a free down with his pre-snap hard count.

Our Focus

As part of the Border Fuel Network, we pride ourselves on being fearlessly opinionated. That means we won’t just be covering the good, but the bad and ugly as well. We want to give you a platform to either sing your praises or voice your criticisms of the Packers, be it staff, a particular player, or the team as a whole. An open platform is crucial to journalism, and strengthening journalism is one of our ultimate goals.

Forms of Content

As previously mentioned, Cheesehead Checkdown is a place for the passionately opinionated fan and writer. We want your opinions, positive or negative, as it shapes the discussion. Along with opinion pieces, we welcome predictions, analysis, and draft free agency and trade commentary! We are here to become one of the next big Packers sites, and would love to have you join the squad!